DermoinspectTM is the first all-in-one active thermal imaging station allowing you to see what is happening under the patient skin.

Active thermal imaging (also often refered as dynamic thermography) is an infrared imaging method where the sample is subject to an external thermal stimulation. The way it retrieves its equilibrium temperature is remotely monitored using a thermal imaging system. Compared to "classical" passive measurements allowing only to retrieve very limited information like the localisation of suspicious warm or cold regions, dynamic thermography permits to retrieve quantitative information concerning the sample thermophysical properties (perfusion, metabolic heat generation, effusivity).

With active thermal imaging, it is possible to detect suspicious regions under the sample surface. The method is widely used in the non destructive testing of materials to detect for example defects in composite materials.

Medical applications of active thermal imaging include:

  • Dermatology

  • Perforators flap surgery

  • Burns assessment

  • Peripehric vascular disorders...

  • To gain more sensitivity and accuracy, we developed an innovative, patent-pending apparatus using a periodic thermal stimulation of the skin surface. Compared to previous approaches, our setup exhibit a drastically improved sensitivity coupled with an higher spatial resolution. We are besides constantly working to improve the overall capabilities of our device to give medical staff a new reliable diagnostic imaging system.

    Our system is a CE certified class IIa medical device.

    DermoInspectTM is:

  • Non-invasive (contact with the lesion is not even required)

  • Non-painfull (thermal stimulation is achieved with a gentle airflow)

  • Fast (diagnostic is achieved in less than a minute)

  • Objective (based on the measurement physical parameters)

  • Safe and easy to implement (no laser, no harmfull radiations, no complicated optics)

  • Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your application.